Autumn Walks

Now that October is coming to an end, almost all of the leaves have turned and many have been blown off the trees by the recent winds and rain. Nevertheless it has been a fine fall season for walking. Usually the colours peak during the first two weeks of October, but this year the warm weather lingered longer than usual, perhaps due to climate change, so the leaves actually began turning about a week later. The progress of the changes also seemed slower and was somewhat uneven. Here is a photo I took of the lovely path I often take on the south side of Isle des Soeurs. This was at the beginning of the month; as you can see, the leaves are still quite green although a few have already fallen.


The photo below was taken on an overcast day, with the St. Lawrence misted over. As you can see, the colours were beginning to come out.


Below is a glorious maple tree, but the leaves are a brilliant orange, not the flaming red we all love. Some say the colours were disappointing this year. Admittedly, it wasn’t the best season.


This was about as good as it got.


Now we can wait for the first snowfall.


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